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INSTRUCTION BOOK for LEAGUE (from season 10)

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Dołączył: 04 Lis 2005
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Skąd: Legionowo,Londyn

PostWysłany: Pią Kwi 26, 2013 12:36 am    Temat postu: INSTRUCTION BOOK for LEAGUE (from season 10) Odpowiedz z cytatem



a) Number of league groups, depending on the number of applicants.
In the first division play the strongest,
in the second division weaker etc. ..
Number of players per one league is usually 8 players, but this may change.


a) Each player has one week to play the minimum of two league matches(average).
Number of matches of the season depends on the number of players in the same league
(peer + revenge "home" + "away"). Who's playing when and with whom,
depends only on the players, no rounds imposed by the organizers.

b) arrange the matches themselves through forum (,
the topic - "official making arrangements for league games and tournament"
associated with the match - if the match is not played to the end of the season,
the organizer assess who to blame, considering only posts from the official topic.
You can contact with players unofficially, by gadugadu, skype, icq,
email or even a phone, etc. but Agreed dates (date and time)
must be given on the forum (, the topic -
""official making arrangements for league games and tournament"

c) If there is any problem, someone does not respond,
someone avoids conversation, neglect, you need to immediately
write about it on the forum in the appropriate topic.
The person causing trouble will be treated fairly by the organizer.

d) If a person fails to appear for an appointment without prior notice,
also loses by Walkover.

e) Remember! Prolonged absence, report your necessarily intended for this topic! "official making arrangements for league games and tournament"
Always possible to do something. This league is for us.
Nobody are here to annoy anyone. If everyone will do their thing,
then everyone will be happy.

f) Note! 3 times a walkover, equal to the exclusion from the competition,
but they usually enter until the end of the season.
In this way we give the chance to the residual players to catch up.
The duration depends on the league players wanting to play!
Results excluded players are converted to lost by walkover



Game-peer + revenge, "home" and "away".
The host must assumes the table and select the settings that suit him well in the game.
NOTE! Not all options can be used in a league match. The league consists of options;

You can play only on registered nicknames!
-game options(table name) "Liga sezon 11" only!(If this option is)
-board size: "20x20, 25x25, 30x30"
time limits;
-initial amount of time (minutes): "3, 5"
-amount of time added after each move (seconds): "10, 15", or differend time if both players agree"
-game rules: "playing for territory" only!
-instant win when one wins by: "15 dots, 30 dots, no limits"
-starting position "blank board (standard and territory rules only)"
-who starts: "I start" only!
-type of a game: "rated" only!

-"Non-possibility back move, possibility back move" (
-"The penalty for own surrounded dots, without penalty for own surrounded dots." (
-"public table" only! (

If both players agree that the game can take place on
(it is still possible when it has an old file "java" with the login)

NOTE! If for compelling and legitimate reasons the game was played on a clone,


4. SCORE, SEQUENCE TABLE (championship, promotion, drop, starting position and impact on the league this coming new players).

The position in the table will be determined in the order;
first: -POINTS;
after: -DIRECT BALANCE between players with the same number of points;
after: -ADDITIONAL MATCH/MATCHES (but only in situations involving mastery, promotion or relegation.
Significant impact on the pitch matches will be ranking league (better than the lottery);
and after: -RANKING League;

-Win: 3 points.
-Draw: 2-points (caution sided walkover is not a draw).
-Lost: one-to-point.
-Walkover: 0-points. Remember that 3x walk-over = exclusion from the league!.

b) DIRECT BALANCE between players with the same number of points.
In the case where a few players have a the same number of points,
the position will be determined by direct balance between the players.
You can check this by preparing table and only the results between players with the same number of points.
If this does not settle the matter in full, then the position players decide "rank League",
unless it is a championship, promotion or fall, then they must be additional matches played between the two players.

c) ADDITIONAL MATCH/MATCHES only in situations involving mastery, promotion or relegation.
High impact on the spacing of these matches will have a ranking league (better than the lottery).

d) RANK LEAGUE (the achievements from the first - to last season of league)
League rankings after points (see section 4-a)
and direct the balance between players with the same number of points (see point 4-b)
will determine the order in the table (except for situations of mastery,
promotion or relegation. then are played Additional games) he has to,
to mobilize for a better game, and the game to complete the league despite setbacks.
Everyone will forfeit terribly lower ranking league, so it's better to play and lose.

e) the victories and defeats "before time".
designation outcome of the games,
17v12 - points score
"V" - victory (victory).
"0t" - the end of time (time).
"0r" - Submission (resignation).
"0w" - walkover (walkover).
"0e" - escape (escape).

f) CHAMPIONSHIP, PROMOTION, DROP, STARTING POSITION and the impact on the new players.

-League 1
Championship shall be granted only in the league 1. Champion is the player who takes first place after playing all the games.
As for the drop is like "the rest of the lower leagues" (see below)

-The rest of the lower leagues.
Promotion to a higher league, have a player receives in the first place.
Player with the second place must play a test-match (play-off) with the penultimate player from the higher league,
or with the new player suitable for this place.
To the lower league, dropping the player in the last place, and the penultimate player must play test-match(play-off)
with the player with the second place in the lower league, or with the new player suitable for this place.
"Lost" player starts in the lower league.
If to the "league" backing a good player(after pause), or some good player wont to join,
then will be more test-matches and "DROP-OFF"! So play to the end!

-New and returning players to the "league".
Players whose skills we know, or returning players after a pause, will start from the league appropriate to their skills.
However, they will have to confirm his skills. How? must play a test-match(play-off)
with a current league player of its place in the league("untouchables" are the only players which was on places 1-3 (Leagues 1-3)
in the previous season. They certainly do not have to play test-match with the "new players" and are save in the same league).
The best player of the defending, their place in the league, can make a choice as the first, his opponent from a new players coming into the his league.

-Testmatch(play-off) is just one, without revenge.
the current League player, defends his place in the current league, and are a "home" player.
The new player, or returning to the league as a guest, and are "away" player.
NOTE! In case of a tie, the test-match (play-off) shall be awarded to a player, defending their place in the league.
Test matches (playoffs) must be play as soon as possible (in a few days from the start of the season)
because they emerge who has a play in which the league.
If a new player lost the Test-match (play-off) for the place in league one,
then it must also play game for the place in league 2 .... "starting position", players strenght and league ranking, help establish pairs test-matches.

Each of the "old players" have agreed "starting position", which is determined by the position that a player acquired in the recently completed season. If a player was kicked out of the season, then it has a lower start position of each player (taken into account), which ended the season properly.
With the start position we known who will have to play qualification matches, and who will choose his opponent from among the new players joining to the league.

Caution! In unusual situations, namely:
-leaving or pausing players
-reduce or increase the number of people in the league,
-the creation of a league from two of them...
Number of places including promotion or reduction, may vary.
also Number of leagues with a lack of interest may vary.
In the absence of volunteers, the players returning to the league,
can back to the league and start season without a test-match (Play-offs).
The new season of the League could start only when accumulates a sufficient number of players with adequate strength.
LET THE BETTER win. Regards-senny_mojrzesz

Ostatnio zmieniony przez senny_mojrzesz dnia Sob Paź 28, 2017 8:14 pm, w całości zmieniany 10 razy
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PostWysłany: Nie Kwi 28, 2013 7:30 pm    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Good Job Smile
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PostWysłany: Pon Kwi 29, 2013 2:13 pm    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Niniejszym potwierdzam zapoznanie się z regulaminem ligi Smile
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Dołączył: 04 Lis 2005
Posty: 1546
Skąd: Legionowo,Londyn

PostWysłany: Pon Sty 06, 2014 8:21 pm    Temat postu: Odpowiedz z cytatem

Przypomnijcie sobie regulamin. Nałożyłem jedną poprawkę w sprawie dodawanego czasu.
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